QMLify Transpiler

Babel setup and basic usage

To use qmlify, you will need to the babel and qmlify CLIs installed globally using NPM:

$ npm install -g babel-cli qmlify

You will need to add a .babelrc file to tell babel (used by qmlify) which transformations to apply. Here is a sample .babelrc file with ES6 and some additional features enabled:

    "presets": ["es2015", "stage-0"],
    "plugins": [

Based on the this config file, you will need the following NPM packages saved locally as dev dependencies:


Now just run qmlify on your src directory like this:

$ qmlify -d src

This will transpile all JS files and copy any other files to the build directory. Now, run or reference your main QML file from the build directory instead of the src directory.

Usage without Babel

Coming soon!

Integration with CMake

Coming soon!